Acting for a Purpose


Bringing People Together

Through the Performing Arts

Acting for a Purpose

Bringing People Together Through the Performing Arts

Acting for a Purpose

Bringing People Together Through the Performing Arts


Christopher Loverro has been conducting humanitarian operations and evacuations in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. He works with local, grassroots organizations to deliver food, medicine, medical supplies, and other critically needed aid to some of the hardest hit areas devastated by the Russian invasion. He is also on an evacuation team that rescued approximately 1,000 civilians who were fleeing the fighting from Bakhmut and surrounding areas. Our mission has been ongoing since the second week of the war and continues today. We are self-funded and rely on donations.

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Helping Veterans find Catharsis Through Acting


As a war veteran and former police officer, I come to the film and theatre arts with a unique background. Being a stage, film, and TV actor has been a great form of expression and catharsis for me. I have a passion for acting and most importantly—making a difference!

To this end, I have founded Warriors For Peace Theater, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We are a collaboration of veterans and civilians who use the theater to provide healing for veterans, empower women, promote diversity in the arts, reach out to disenfranchised groups, and build bridges between communities in conflict. Art heals!

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Christopher Loverro

Recent Work

Brutus in Julius Caesar
The Hudson Theaters, Hollywood, CA. 

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Julius Caesar Trailer


"... compelling, entertaining, and meaningful. It proves that full diversity, married to talent and experience, can make any piece of theater relevant and striking." "...the authenticity of the performances are for all to admire... this company is one to watch out for."   Stage and Cinema

Featured Videos

Christopher Loverro Acting Reel

Julius Caesar, A2S1. Brutus Forum Speech

Julius Caesar Film Adaptation

Warriors For Peace Theatre Intro Video


"Warriors For Peace Theatre has changed my life. Without it I don't think I'd be here right now." Anthony Simpson, Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant, 4 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.